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Teala Petrova





Greetings, Soul Family! I am a Witch, Psychic and Spirit Medium. I gladly offer services specifically provided to connect you with the realm of spirit. Whether you’re in need of some deep Shadow Work, curious about your Past Lives, or simply want to reach out to a Spirit of your choosing, I got you.

New to the Occult? Wondering what spirits want to work with you?? Not sure how to go about healing from past traumas??? I got you.


Using my years of personal experience and knowledge passed down from the ancients, I’ll happily answer any queries or general curiosities you may have. Through this grand web of pure consciousness, we are all connected to powerful energies of not just this world, but beyond this physical plane. I am here to help you understand these energies, communicate messages and provide you with proper guidance on your evolutionary journey. I’m Teala Petrova, and I’m here to help you reach your greatest potential.

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